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I have tried dieting and surprise…cheat and cheat and again back to my old ways.I think we all need some sort of a wake up call, and then all the denial rushes out of the window.For me, though i have had so many wake up calls, and everytime its so painful and i always decide there and then, that im going to lose this weight and what happens after a few days, ..u guessed it..back to my old ways.My wake up call,this week was a picture of me taken by my son, while i wasnt looking and watching tv.I only saw the picture two days ago while deleting some of my son’s pictures in my phone, and there it was.I cant believe i have let this happen to me all because i cant control myself.Anyway today is day one of The diet that i came across on the internet.My start weight 82.7kg.Its been difficult, espcially on the first day but now im on day 4 and its getting better.


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