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Its been a while, anyway I am still on my journey of discovering myself in my marriage.I have found out that I don’t want to argue anymore with my husband.Its been a rollercoaster but now I will just keep to myself and let him have his way in everything.How do our young generation manage,I wonder.Am I missing something,am I not getting something about marriage and the happy ever after???


How do you forgive your partner after they have been unfaithful????

Before i got married, i will admit it,i had serious budgeting problems.I would get paid and then two days later i would be broke.It was now normal for me and i got used to having clothing accounts in so many shops.Anyway now that i am married, i thought that disorganised life was over and done with,little did i know.I am currently unemployed and my husband is working day and night to make ends meet but still i am still the same old me,spending,spending and more spending.We sit down every month before he gets paid and work out a bugdet.I guess i have been blessed, in a sense that my husband has always brought home every cent that he has earned.Every month after the budget he then gives me the bank cards to go withdraw money and make sure i pay the bills.By the end of the day i have done half of what is in the list and the rest is just what i decide to do by myself at the mall.I really want to change because it is affecting our progress in life and i keep doing it month in and month out.I really want to be supportive of my husband for his efforts in struggling for our family….

What i know for sure is that whenever i had a fight with my husband T, the person that i spoke to if i needed to talk was my best friend who is happily married.I would have given up on marriage a long time ago if it was not for the constructive advise i got from my friend.I am that person who is happy and on top of the world but when i argue with T, i just feel i made a mistake.I love him when we are fine and not fighting but when we are fighting ,i hate him so much.Do i make sense?

Since i got married it has been difficult to keep friendships with my single friends.Maybe it explains why in life we sometimes have to go our separate ways as friends.Our closest friends are also couples now but i wonder is that how it is with other married couples?

Through out our journey of life, we meet different people along the way. Some have come into our lives and have left but yet some we chose that they stay or in other cases they have stayed in our lives regardless of whether we wanted them to or not.

This is a blog about my life and what i deal with and how i overcome obstacles in my life.I hope to help some people from my experiences in life and also to hopefully learn a few thing from people around the world.